Sunday, April 12, 2009

Stop Girls From Flirting

My almost a week of stay in Boracay have exposed me to some very uncomfortable situations -- girls in bikinis flirting with me.

It was a good thing my sense of humor was always ready to diffuse this awkward situation.

Here are a few of bits of my experiences that could serves as tips on how to ward off these seemingly cute and innocent girls flirting for your attention if you are a gay man. bu

Situation 1:

While I was jogging by the seashore, two girls in nice bikinis called my attention and asked me to take their photos. After I obliged to do so, one of the girls talked to me.

GIRL: Thank you. Are you alone? Where do you stay?

LEX: No. I'm with my family. That's a nice bikini. Where did you buy that? I would love to wear one.

Lex exits.

Situation 2:

I was at one of the well crafted beach chairs of Discovery Shores when one girl sat beside me. I was singing my heart out with my ipod playing an Eraserheads song. I looked at the girl who was beside me and continued singing. After my song, the girl talked to me.

GIRL 2: I noticed you were looking at me while you were singing. Were you singing for me?

LEX: Not exactly. But would you like to hear me sing some Mariah Carey songs? I hit the high notes really well.

The girl smiles. Lex grins.


line of flight said...

Situation 2 is my favorite.

Herbs D. said...

haha. total pawnage! yeay! lol

Miko said...

applause Lex! Well done!

Miki said...

Lex, how do I shoo off girls flirting with my straight bf?