Sunday, April 5, 2009

Gay Dating 101: Cut Your Losses

My neighbor Mr. A started dating a fellow colleague of mine. For their three months of being together, my colleague has started borrowing money and gadgets from my neighbor.

Mr.A soon realizes that my colleague has started avoiding him for reasons he cannot explain.

After several cconversations with my neighbor, I realized invoked another valuable and practical rule from the book The MANDates: 25 Real Rules for Successul Gay Dating by Dave Singleton:

"Cut Your Losses When It's Clear It's Going Nowhere"

Mr. A set a deadline that my colleague should return all his money and gadgets on a particular date. And without demanding any explanation, Mr. A visited my colleague in his place of work and got back everything he owned from my colleague.


line of flight said...

I agree that a relationship should end when the projections recede and love is not possible. i'm just trying to wrap my head around the implications of the profit/loss metaphor.

astrodeus said...

Why waste time and money for someone who does not love, even appreciate you?