Tuesday, April 14, 2009

12: The X Rated Trailer

Dose is the directorial debut of the talented screenwriter Senedy Que (Munting Tinig, Troika). Produced by Cinema One, this trailer "Dose" has been rated X, unfit for for public viewing by the moral guardians of Philippine Media, the MTRCB.

Dose stars three-time Brussels Int'l Filmfest Best Actor, YUL SERVO and 2008 Thessaloniki Int'l Filmfest Best Actor, EMILIO GARCIA. This is a story of unusual love, unstoppable lust, and loss of innocence.

Watch out for "Dose" in film festivals worldwide.


line of flight said...

its clearly fascist styled censorship and part of this new move to suppress gay indie cinema. i also feel sad that we cannot have an open and honest discussion (through art or otherwise) about the consequences of intergenerational sex.

Herbs D. said...

i already heard about this a few months ago. i love it. quite....daring actually.

would love to watch it soon :D

Anonymous said...

let's see. i'm all for freedom of speech. pero if this movie actually shows some sex (kahit halikan lang) between these two, i'm gonna be sick. take note, i'm a very liberal homosexual. if it just opens discussion on the subject, then good. pero pag gratuitous, dyan tayo magkakatalo.

i'm sorry lex. i support your causes and i''m not siding with the censors either. i just hope the movie really lives up to its noble intentions.

line of flight said...

if child rape has actually occurred, that is not art. but representations of it are far different story. i think the end of LnA had very significant social value (uncle raping nephew) although i'm sure the CBCP would not be able to see it as such.