Friday, May 15, 2009

Gay Glorietta Trap

A few months back, a reliable source told me about his doctor friend who happens to be gay. While walking along Glorietta, a nice looking boy smiled at him. A transaction happens between the them and the doctor and the boy decides to leave the mall.

Along one of the streets of Makati, a police mobile stopped them.

The doctor was soon harassed and was allegedly forced to cough up fifty thousand pesos as he was threatened by the police with a case on corruption of minors.

Gay Men beware.


line of flight said...

police or not, its probably a good idea to stay away from underage children in general.

rAzAzO'o said...

... a foreign diplomat also had the same fate but he was caught in the act half-naked inside his car with a 12 yr old boy; this time a case was filed against him. also in makati.

Anonymous said...

The REAL DECEPTION or TRAP here is to think that pedophiles are gay men who like little boys!

Homosexuality is NOT the same as pedophilia.

Homosexuals are men who have sex with other men, while pedophiles are just child abusers. PLUs don't get that much respect in this world, let's not make it worse by associating ourselves with child molesters.

Anonymous said...

kung may intensyon yung doctor sa batang yun pero pag wala pang ginagawa e wag naman sya i-harass at ipakulong maliban lang kung yung bata ay reklamador. at yung pulis na pakilamero naman padalos-dalos sa paghuli e mano naman kung magkasama sila kahit hindi pa kilala.

Anonymous said...

just recently meron din guy na nagpakilala saken sa glorietta. Same scenario, only this time hindi ako pumayag na sumama. I don't think na minor sya pero kinakabahan ako e. So kinuha ko nlng yung number nya, until now nagttxt pa rin sya and asking me to meet up.