Monday, May 4, 2009

On Stupidity and Gay Marriage

Yes, everyone is entitled to his own opinion.

So, if Miss California thinks that "marriage should only be between a man and a woman", yes, she is entitled to such opinion.

And I am entitled to my own opinion as well:

The idea that marriage or legal partnership should only be bewteen a man and woman is downright stupid. First, the argument haphazardly disregards the equality of every human being in the eyes of the law. Second, where does this argument come from? From a holy book? Religious beliefs are never used as basis for policies in an upright, fair and a secular world.

And what should I call a person who publicly proclaims that he or she subscribes to such stupid idea? Conveniently, she must be referred to as stupid as well.

The sad thing is we live in a world where millions of people, whether beautiful or not, are imprisoned with stupid ideas because they do not have the mental capacity to evaluate the principles and belief systems that they hold on to. That's one of the tragedies of human existence.

On the other hand, doesn't everyone else get to be stupid at one point in their lives?


line of flight said...

I'm still trying to figure out what she meant by "opposite marriage."

Anonymous said...

What a condescending attitude! No wonder, many are turned off. I just wonder who is more stupid.

Anonymous said...

Perez Hilton is more stupid. He has used even Miss America for a certain political agenda. Typical of an americanong gago; akala nila ang lahat ng gusto nila susunding ng iba. Mga bading, let's not copy the American brand of activism; we can do our own style of changing things peacefully without publicly castigating people (and leaders of other nations) and condemning them (bombing their communities) for the sake of an agenda we want to impose of them. Ay talagang gago itong Perez Hilton; typical American.
Di dapat nating syang tularan at tangkilikin.

Anonymous said...

i agree.. mas malaking gago itong si perez hilton! nagsabi lang ng opinyon si ms california! hindi siya agree sa gay marriage, kasalanan ba yon?