Sunday, May 10, 2009

Heavenly Marco

Everyone who watched the special screening of Joel Lamangan's "Heavenly Touch" last Thursday in Greenbelt's My Cinema agreed that Marco Morales, the frontal nudity king local gay flicks, has arrived as an actor.

"Heavenle Touch" opens this May 13 in selected theaters.


Anonymous said...

hahaha,, hanggat hindi ko napanood ang heavenly touch na yan, eh medyo hindi muna ako maniniwala na "actor" na nga etong si marco morales..

eh kung ibabase sa trailer, wala naman syang bagong ginawa doon kundi makipaglaplapan sa baguhang hubader na taga bacolod city!

soo, wait muna ako sa may 13. makilatis nga.. o baka puro press release lang.. lol aminin!!

sugarfree said...

Heavenly Touch is a hilarious film. Not in a good way though. You'll laugh at it because it's stupid. Most of the scenes are.

I let out a loud laugh in the hospital scene where the two hardly convincing lovebirds/leads are having a melodramatic exchange. As soon as the scene opens, Joash sobs in a really stupid funny way.

I don't understand why the film industry considers Lamangan a director, he can hardly create a decent film. The plot is messy and heavily manipulated. If Vim Nadera sees this one, he'd definitely blurt out "What's your effing point?" What does Lamangan really want to tell us with this film? That a true love can exist between two men? That bad people deserve to die? That all problems can be solved? Does he even show us something new? Definitely not. If you consider those provocative, heated kissing scenes something new then count those, but otherwise HT is a completely trashy film.

What I feel toward the film is beyond anger. I hate myself for watching it. It seems like Lamangan doesn't really learn from his mistake. Walang Kawala was a complete failure and everyone is aware of this. Oh well, I wasn't really expecting something good from Lamangan. I don't even think he can make a good movie. He's too focused with the sex scenes because he seems to believe that these are the most important things the audience want.

I hope Aureus Solito and Jun Lana continue to make decent films of the same genre because I'm fed up with these sloppy movies masquerading as indie films.

If HT or WL gets included in this year's Cinemalaya feature films, I'd be furious!