Thursday, May 14, 2009

MSM: Straight Men Who Have Sex With Men

Not All Men Who Have Sex with Men Are Gay

I have met a lot of people who belive in the contrary that's why I feel the need to share this interesting article from GLBTQ, the online encyclopedia of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and queer culture. Written by Joe Kurt, the article offers an in-depth explanation on who are the MSM, or the Straight Men Who Have Sex with Men.

Allow me to divide this article in several series of posts for easier digestion.

"Men Who Have Sex with Men (MSM) is a term derived from the growing body of literature showing that not all men who have sex with men are gay. Adopted by sex researchers and AIDS organizations to classify men who have sexual relations with other men but whose sexual identity is neither gay nor bisexual, the acronym recognizes a reality that complicates our tendency to divide the world into heterosexuals and homosexuals, with a small number of bisexuals, who are sometimes thought of as simply gay men or lesbians who have not come to terms with their homosexuality. That is, the reality of sexual activity is more complicated than the traditional binary (or even trinary) system of nomenclature can accommodate.

This article focuses on straight men who have sexual relations with men (SMSM). They are not gay nor are they bisexual, though their behavior might be seen as bisexual or homosexual.

The SMSM phenomenon is not new, though it has only recently received much media attention. In earlier generations, these men may have been described as "trade"--heterosexual men who participated in same-sex sexual encounters of a restricted kind, often taking the active role in anal intercourse and the passive role in fellatio.

They may have been sex workers or men who engaged in sexual relations with other men only because female partners were not available (as in the case of prisoners or men who live in all-male environments). They may have engaged in sexual activity with other men as runaway teenagers living on the streets for survival or as young men out on a lark.

These men may have cruised for same-sex encounters in public parks or restrooms, but they were unlikely to become part of a gay community except on its fringes.
More recently, the growth of the Internet has facilitated the acting out of sexual fantasies of all kinds, including those of SMSM. The Internet has made it easier and safer for heterosexually-identified men to meet other men for quick, anonymous sex. Hence, there may be a growth in the number of men who experiment with same-sex desire without altering their sexual identities."

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line of flight said...

the recognition of a difference between identity and behavior is a significant one.

Anonymous said...

This is nothing new. Not a bit newsworthy. Para que?

Anonymous said...

do you ever watch the Gerry Springer show...whenever Gerry has a male guest who claims to be STR8 but have sex with men, the whole audience chants, "YOU ARE GAY, YOU ARE GAY, YOU ARE GAY".

unscientific, equivocal consensus or south-side philosophy?

line of flight said...

Anonymous2 makes a good point. a person's identity should be determined by other people especially a bunch of ignorant, working-class American rednecks that stood in line to watch Gerry Springer's show.

Anonymous said...

OMG so does this mean, I might NOT be gay??? My parents will be SOOOO happy!! hahaha... :D

Pure RUBBISH, I reckon...

Anonymous said...

wrong notion, all,..funny,..doesnt necessarily ean im a guy and then i had a sex act or lets say ,mingle to a gay,.it means ,im absolutely gay too,..NO WAY!!..first,being gay,isnt a contagious desease na pweding masalin pag nakipag talikka,..second,WHO U R is WHO U R,..perhaps,u r just open minded guy who really wants happening or an experience,a lot of guys there married now to a woman,who had been into a gay-guy relationship,.a lot there!!so,or they r still MAN,NOT GAY,...u shuld b confident in r genders,...