Sunday, May 17, 2009

Heavenly Touch Reaction

Here's an impassioned reaction on the gay film "Heavenly Touch" directed by award winning filmmaker Joel Lamangan. May I state that this is not my review and does not reflect my perspective on this film

I am posting this review with due respect to my readers who take the effort in sharing their thoughts and writing comments in this blog.

"Heavenly Touch" Reaction from reader Sugarfree

Heavenly Touch is a hilarious film. Not in a good way though. You'll laugh at it because it's stupid. Most of the scenes are.

I let out a loud laugh in the hospital scene where the two hardly convincing lovebirds/leads are having a melodramatic exchange. As soon as the scene opens, Joash sobs in a really stupid funny way.

I don't understand why the film industry considers Lamangan a director, he can hardly create a decent film. The plot is messy and heavily manipulated. If Vim Nadera sees this one, he'd definitely blurt out "What's your effing point?" What does Lamangan really want to tell us with this film? That a true love can exist between two men? That bad people deserve to die? That all problems can be solved? Does he even show us something new? Definitely not. If you consider those provocative, heated kissing scenes something new then count those, but otherwise HT is a completely trashy film.

What I feel toward the film is beyond anger. I hate myself for watching it. It seems like Lamangan doesn't really learn from his mistake. Walang Kawala was a complete failure and everyone is aware of this. Oh well, I wasn't really expecting something good from Lamangan. I don't even think he can make a good movie. He's too focused with the sex scenes because he seems to believe that these are the most important things the audience want.

I hope Aureus Solito and Jun Lana continue to make decent films of the same genre because I'm fed up with these sloppy movies masquerading as indie films.

If HT or WK gets included in this year's Cinemalaya feature films, I'd be furious!


Anonymous said...


a friend once told me. whenever you watch Pinoy films, "CHANGE YOUR SHIRT"...for years i wondered what he meant. but lately with the heavy influx of pirated DVD in North America, including offerings from Pinas, i finally got what my friend meant to say. Bertubin, Pablo, Lamangan, Parungao, etc. - there are no markable difference from one another. each has a goal: produce, sell and a profit. do they aim for artistic quality, NO. awards, NO. your money, two-cent logic whenever i see a Pinoy film, SEE THE MOVIE AND TOSS THE $2 DVD.

watched W.K. last nite. did i toss the DVD? Hell NO, because i enjoyed every moment with Polo.

Anonymous said...

I also agree to what the review of the writter to this film, I've seen the film with a co-educator and to our surprise that full dissapointment came to our face, the story is poorly written plus the cheap production(musical score, dubbing, lighting and even blocking of the cast) so sad cause a lot is written regarding the goodness of the said film and yet we did not see it.
Pls. Joel L. don't make fun again of one of the country's greatest actress just to put humor to your project how dare you. Now it,s proven you are just good as your last film tnis time you did not deliver again.

line of flight said...

Lamangan has a penchant for teleseryeism in his movies which do not make award winning movies from a technical point of view but do usually tell a very good story. Haven't seen Heavenly Touch so can't comment about his latest -- although some of the vitriol leveled against him sounds hauntingly familiar to Walang Kawala.

Anonymous said...

in fairness t0 lamangan, i think the movie HT was just realistic in showing s0me of its plot... c0me to think of it, whether we like it or not yun nman talaga ang gusto natin makita..let's not be hypocrite

yes i can relate coz experienced the same friendship like the two characters, paolo & joash, showed in HT.. that kind of closeness between two men really exist.. but on my part, it's a pity that my best friend and i never had the chance to make it official ihanggang sa nawalan kmi ng c0mmunication..

pang-award films are usually boring like SERbis..sus puro ata lakad sa hagdanan halos lahat ng eksena... twas not a nice movie but a boring one...