Tuesday, May 19, 2009


"Tutok" is the new film produced by actor Allen Dizon. Starring Emilioi Garcia, Andrea Del Rosario and Boots Anson Roa the film is about the lives of two newsmen and the abuse they suffer under the hands of rebels.

The film's complete synopsis follows:

Roman and Zaldy are two newsmen who are in need of a big break. Roman is a reporter while Zaldy is a cameraman. Together, they decide to cover a story involving a group of rebels living in the mountains. Roman is discouraged by his wife and Zaldy by his mother but they are desperate and so, they proceed to their plan to do an unauthorized coverage of the rebels. In their encounter with the rebels and their leader, Ka Roldan, the two experience a nightmare as they are raped and forced to test each other's will to live.

Roman is killed and Zaldy returns to civilization traumatized by the experience. In the end, Zaldy takes his own life because he is unable to accept what has happened to Roman, while the media gives them the coverage that they aspired for, at the price of their own lives,

Tutok opens May 27.

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