Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Paid Flirtation

One of my more senior gay friends was sharing his opinion on why strip bars (gay bars) are less practical than going to massage parlors. He reasons out that the investment with strip bars are quite expensive for a night of sex considering that one has to pay for entrance fee (about Php250), man's drink (about Php250), the costly bar fine if you plan to take the man earlier than the closing of the bar and the payment for the sexual services of your hunk for the night.

He argues that massage parlors are more practical since you get an intimate encounter with your chosen hunk for a total average of about Php1500.

But in my observation, most gay men who patronize the strip bars don't just come for the sexual encounter. Most of them pay for the "hours" of flirtation that goes on inside the bar.

If you sit around a strip bar and observe the gay men and how they interact with their "strippers" on their table, you could see the happiness on their faces while a nice looking guy slowly flirts with them.

This, I think is what strip bar patrons are paying for --- that "high" feeling of intimately interacting with a gorgeous man. This experience is a lot different than a massage parlor. And this should cost more.

Photo lifted from: http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3082/3170145570_80823cdb22.jpg


Anonymous said...

Hi there!

It's my first time to visit this blog site, and due to the nature of my environment as a "closeted gay," I hardly do get a chance to read something as "decent" as yours.

Apologies for the terms used above however I really do appreciate alll the interesting and well written thoughts you have.

I have never tried going to a gay bar so I don't have the right to comment however, don't you think that whatever type of joy we experience in either getting a massage or going to a strip club, nothing beats genuine care/love for somebody?

I know I sound lost so I'll just go back to my first agendum here, to commend you and just forget about all the things that I said next.

line of flight said...

this reminds me of a discussion I read somewhere about Asian women prostitutes talking about the difference between visiting Chinese customers and Euro-American customers. The EAs want affection, etc., where the Chinese guys just want to get off. Perhaps this division can also be seen in those who go online to get off and those who go to matchmaking services?