Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Gay Indies Influence John Lloyd's Movie writes about Vilma Santos' and John Lloyd Cruz's new film "All My Life", which is Star Cinema's offer on the "New Wave of Philippine Gay Cinema" which, according to this entertainment website is influenced by the independent scene headed by Joselito Altarejos:

"Taking from indie films’ new wave gay cinema with Joselito Altarejos as genre leader, Star Cinema released it’s first gay-themed movie In My Life on September 16. Based on the script of Senedy Que and Raymond Lee, Olivia Lamasan directs In My Life which deals with gay issues and how it affects a mother.

The Tornino Gay and Lesbian Film Festival coined the term “new wave gay cinema” for the new portrayals of gay characters and tackle gay issues upfront. Standard gay cinema deals with gay issues but they are mainly for viewing by gays. But in the case of Joselito and, for that matter, Olivia, they tackle the gay theme within the framework of the larger social perspective, the gay-themed film treated as just a film.

Besides this new treatment, the fact that Luis is Vilma’s real-life son gives it greater realism. True, the Vilma specials were so-so raters but that was largely because of the late airing time. Their ratings don’t reflect the movie’s box-office potential at all. Vilma’s character is entirely new. She will bring uncommon depth that will pass by mouth around the metro.

“In My Life” will be watched not only by gays but by all genders, by families as it is a family movie. It tackles a rarely discussed theme, gay death and how the family copes. Let’s not forget it was shot in New York and Flips are lovers for virtual trips to foreign lands. Let’s not forget, John Lloyd is the current Box-office King and he’s largely unseen on television now except for his TVCs.

Warpies and warties must not underestimate the Flips’ ability to determine a good film. With a casting coup, a terrific story, a foreign location, superb direction and excellent marketing, “All My Life’s” bound to be a movie Flips will be proud to watch. Its only problem is to get it to screen in SM Cinemas. If it does not, moviegoers will have to try a little harder by going to alternative cinemas."


Anonymous said...

at least sa movie na ito,.di sila nag focus sa kabaklaan na isyu,.at walang masyadong pampalibog o sex scenes na sinasadya sa mga cheap gay movies,....pwedi ba!!!

Anonymous said...

after this,.more challenging at mature roles kay JLC diba???at sana palaki sya ng katawan,.for a change, yung tv series nila ni ANGEL LOCSIN at KAYE ABAD ,.kaabang abang soon...sana din matuloy movie ni JLC at KRISTINE HERMOSA na na nakaline up din....ganda!pls,..sana mag indie movies si jlc...