Saturday, September 12, 2009

Man's Fluid

International boxer Juan Manuel Marquez admits to drink his own urine to keep himself healthy. For him, urine expels necessary vitamins from our body and must be taken again. Having heard this news, I felt an immediate gut reaction from my body disgusted at the taste of my own urine.

But then I realized, I do swallow the cum of other men, why should my body feel a quick aversion to this act of "vitamin intake"?
Perhaps, someone should tell this gorgeous boxer, that it's not only a man's urine that is delectable and tasty. He should try that other fluid that comes from the penis. I'm sure he'd feel a boost of energy as well. (just kidding)


schizogeri2001 said...

I actually saw that on TV patrol while having our supper, the actual video of him drinking his own pee made me puke a bit. I wish TV Patrol made a disclaimer that the next footage might be disgusting for some viewers.

line of flight said...

cum contains things the body ejects, urine things the body rejects.

Anonymous said...

Medyo disgusting sa una but me degree yung benepisyo ng pag-inom ng ihi. Dapat ay healthy living ka dapat walang ini-intake na gamot that could harm you in return kung iinumin mo ang sarili mong ihi o ihi ng iba. Ganun din sa sperm make sure that your partner is not on medication. Just a precaution. Masarap ang sperm fluid sa masarap kung alam niya paano sasarap ang sperm fluid. Out of curiosity I tasted my own sperm and masarap siya dahil sa mga iniinom ko at kinakain na normal foods. Kaya pala nasarapan yung huling s..... sakin dahil yummy daw ako. Hahahahaha!!!

Herbs D. said...

thats what you get from boxing.