Saturday, September 26, 2009

Uncut Bayaw?

Hi Lex,

I was so excited to watch Bayaw. So last wednesday, after work, i run to galeria to watch it.

Although i haven't seen the uncut version? i think there was a major editing done. Do you think i will still have the chance to watch the uncut version? or do you know somebody who is selling an uncut version?




Hi tamodko24,

The director, Monti Parungao and its producer Danio Cao (of Climax magazine) certainly have the uncut version of Bayaw. But it will be foolish for them to entrust me a copy of one knowing that video pirates would certainly pay a good amount for that copy.

Sorry. We are all left with a "clean" Bayaw being shown in cinemas.



Anonymous said...



content yourself watching SERBIS -now available in its original cut on the pirated dvd market. Coco and da King are definitely more "droolable" than aging Paolo and pouty Jan...ENJOY the phallic country. oh, i mean bounty.

Anonymous said...

lahat ng tao gusto yun uncut version n mga movies na sexy o sensual diba,..payo ko, sinehan,natural,cut yan,...pero sa dvd ,..dapat may uncut version pero taasan ang presyo diba????at gaya sa canada,..pulido na 18 edad pataas lang makakakuha nun o makakabili,by showing I.D at BIRTH CERTIFICATE,.to protect our the innocence of the young ones na din diba....ganyan gawin nyo sir lex,..kase kahit ako,.i love to see uncut versions ng SAGWAN,at iba pang gay movies jan o sexy movies,...kaya lang b sure sa mga matured viewers lang ha,..