Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Here's the trailer of Joel Lamangan's latest gay-interest film "Dreamboyz" starring Marco Morales and other boy candies.


Alex said...

Hi Lex,

Here I go again. My apologies to you and to your readers if I will appear as a simpleton, naive gay guy but really, I do want to raise a couple of questions again.

First, for people in the film industry, producers, directors, writers, editors, etc. How come, as much as 95% (this estimate is mine and has no scientific basis) of all gay films produced or done in the Philippines revolved around the lives of commercial sex workers (macho dancers, callboys, masahistas, and now group dancers) and their patrons?

I just recently watched this gay film "Permanent Residence" which was in Chinese. There were several nudity scenes by the 2 leading men. I would even dare say, the frontal nudity scenes were really not necessary, meaning, they could have been deleted and the story will not have been different. But you would immediately feel that they weren't done so as to elicit arousal from the people who would watch them. But I am veering away from what I want to say.

This film and many other foreign made gay themed films I have already seen do not have story lines depicting lives of stripteasers and gogo boys; masseurs or group dancers and entertainers.

Bottomline: are we really limited to producing gay themed movies with such plots and subplots only? I have not seen the John Llloyd/Luis Manzano film yet. Is it a gay themed film? I know that the producers have been pushing it as a family themed movie maybe because they are afraid that the public's perception of the film itself and the actors will have a direct negative effect on the movie outfit and the lives of the actors themselves. It just goes to show how immature(?) as yet our mindset is on gay themed movies.

My second question: again, on gay themed movies such as this type by Director Joel. Are they classified as an indie film? And therefore as an indie film, the actors in such films can only be the likes of Paolo Rivero, Marco Morales, et al? I am saying this because I saw in the trailer Sherwin Ordonez and Jao Mapa as one of the actors in the movie. So now, they are relegated to films such as this type after appearing in a previous indie film. Or is it really their destiny now to be in such films because they are no longer bankable in a regular, full length movie?

Thank you for the bigger space I occupied this time.

Best regards,


Anonymous said...

pwedi namn kase po na gumawa ng gay films ang tema pero walang sexy o intimate scenes na parng nag eexploit ng stars diba>.halatang ginawa para lang sa libog o pasttime,...or else gawa na lang ng full length gay films na may penetration o sucking tlaga diba??yun lang wag palabas sa sinehan...gaya sa movie na ito na DREANGUYS,..anong bago??EXPLOITATiON sa mga young stars na handang gawin ang paghuhubad naman,.gaya ni NINA JOSe-ang bata pa nito,..magandat pang lead role ang dating,sabi nga nya gusto nyang sumali sa bb pilipinas o maging ambasaddress ng pinas,.bakit she accept this role o type of movie?????for wat,.gayung ayaw na ng tao sa malaswang stars,tingin nya aangat sya pag ganito ginagawa nya,.i pity this young stars,..gud thing,inalis na ang LIPGLOSS-kahit pa sana ala 11:00 ng gabi ito pinapalabas,..pero ang babata ng mga stars, in,...ang tanong,.paurong na ba sina JOEL LAMANGAN,maryo j,.jose javier reyes sa paggawa ng movies,.bakit pati sila gumagawa ng ganitong movies????patunay na we need new at fresh directors na may ibang klaseng utak sa paggagawa ng movies sa pinas,.hindi nag eexploit ng stars kundi nagbibigay ng challenging roles diba????para saan ang hubaran,,..para saan!!!!

Anonymous said...

paurong na directors sina joel lamangan,.maryo j delos reyes.,.kase gumagawa pa sila ng mga ganitong shallow-non sense movies na exploit lang,...i pity them,...sana gawin na lang nag movie ni RUSTOM PADILLA at RCHARD GOMEZ na drma-suspense like MILK o PHILADELPHIA<..