Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sex Workers

(Macho Dancer, the landmark Filipino film on commercial sex workers)

Hi Lex,

Here I go again. My apologies to you and to your readers if I will appear as a simpleton, naive gay guy but really, I do want to raise a couple of questions again.

First, for people in the film industry, producers, directors, writers, editors, etc. How come, as much as 95% (this estimate is mine and has no scientific basis) of all gay films produced or done in the Philippines revolved around the lives of commercial sex workers (macho dancers, callboys, masahistas, and now group dancers) and their patrons?



Hi Alex,

You have a very nice name!

I agree with you. Male Sex workers and their trade is quite tiring as a subject matter for film.

Most filmmakers would choose them as subject matters because it is a good excuse for the censors to get away with some flesh. As the "milieu" of the film requires sexual images.


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