Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Goodbye, Emon

Goodbye, Emon.

I do not want to ask you why you have cheated on me. I know I am imperfect. I know my love may be crude.

But when I found out the truth that you have been with Ace for the past month, all I wanted was to forgive you because like me you are imperfect. Like me, you're love is crude.

I let no anger reside within me. I choose not to suffer just because you choose to betray me.

I am trying very hard to forgive you but I had to let you go. Not because I want to hurt you, but because I need to get back the respect I have for myself.

Live a good life ahead of you. I plan to keep some happy memories within me after all, I have faithfully loved you.


david said...

my dear lex, as hard as it may be, you must forgive your (ex) friend. only when you forgive, can you move on. forgiving doesn't mean forgetting or allowing that person back in to your life. it means closure, even if it isn't the closure that we wanted. to be honest, monogamy is impossible between 2 men when engaged in a long term relationship. it is just not the nature of the beast. however, honesty between 2 men is possible. without it a couple is doomed. stay busy and turn this negative in to a positive. much good luck!

line of flight said...


francis said...

break ups are hard..i knoe..i've been there..

Anonymous said...

So sad to hear about that. I also experienced your ordeals. I loved him more than i love myself. Halos walang natira sakin but I'm trapped in a country wherein hindi ko kayang magwala at maghuramentado at bawal (saudi kaya). Mahirap sa umpisa but my work kept me occupied kahit nagkandaloko-loko minsan. Nagdaan ang mga taon until nagkausap ulit kami at nagkapaliwanagan. He loved me too also pero ayaw niya mahati ang mundo niya sa anak niya. Same with me. Me anak ako at may asawa during those time. But the rest was history na sa asawa ko. He still loves me and cherish the moments na pinagsaluhan namin. Though I could not say that I'm more wiser now I just learn to handle everything in proper order.

So Lex just keep yourself busy. Ma-overcome mo din iyan. Walang trials na di mo kakayanin.

Avid reader ako ng blog mo at lagi ako nagko-comment dito. I haven't watched any of your creations dahil bawal nga dito. Sa bakasyon ko siguro If I have time. Regards.