Monday, September 15, 2008

Anthony Logan

Among the "Men of Provoq", Anthony Logan was for me, the easiest to get along with. He was disciplined and silent but always had a ready smile for everyone.

Anthony grew up in Taytay, Rizal. As a child, he dreamt of putting up his own gym. And he was able to put this up after years of his earnings as a model.

He claims that his siblings don't have any idea about his sexy pinups and photos even if his town is merely an hour away from the city. He has hoarded all the magazines that contains his images that is sold anywhere near his house.

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Anonymous said...

WHAT'S UP LEX...lately your posts has become bland (not up to your standards). fave book, fave provoq, fave spa, fave bar, etc. etc...VERY UN-LEXY! come on Lex, liven up. i know you got more "INTEREST(H)INGS" to share with us...are you okay?