Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Proud Hunk: Greg

Greg is a 27 year old hottie from Anneheim, California who visits Manila every now and then. He probably is one of the hottest guys I have ever chatted with at guys4men.com so I decided to ask his permission to be featured as one "proud hunk" in my blog.

He used to be a part of the US Air Force and he keeps himself fit by playing basketball and lifting weights at the gym.

In bed, as he claims (I need to emphasize this as my boyfriend could kill me), he likes to take things slow as he gives "cuddles, butterfly kisses and sweet afterplays".

Being a sensitive and a level headed guy, Greg has a clear aversion towards "men who are narcisstic with bigger dicks than brains". His ideal partner is smart and articulate and "not too goodlooking" (hurray! from the "not good looking guys" like me! I knew it, being imperfect is definitely attractive). And here's the final category -- Greg wants his partner to be someone with a sweet spot for the animals and the environment (ladies from Miss Earth, anyone?)

It was just very recently that he came out to his mother. She was dumbfounded and shocked as he expected her to be. But the good thing is, their relationship is now much better than before.

Currently, Greg is in Manila and is still single but looking, yet never in a hurry.

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how can i get in touch with this guy?

my email address: jamespax07012005@yahoo.com

same email for my friendster
multiply: sabbathangel.multiply.com