Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Antonio's Secret: International Premiere

Our film Antonio's Secret (directed by Joselito Altarejos) will have its international premiere in Rochester, New York on October 13, 2008. Here's a statement from one of the reviewers at the Image Out Festival.

"Join us for the International Premiere of a controversial film that proves once again that not all gay films from the Philippines are about hustlers and macho dancers. Antonio's Secret tackles the taboo topic of incest and its tragic consequences."

"Antonio’s Secret takes a raw and honest look at the not-so-secret, and sometimes downright depraved, sex life of teenage boys. Director Joselito Altarejos adds a layer of depth by telling a rich story of a confused young man, growing up with few available positive role models, who makes crucial choices and is forced to face their tragic consequences. Using a, sometimes wobbly, handheld camera without employing much of a musical soundtrack, except for the occasional tunes from the acoustic guitar of a neighborhood musician, Altarejos pulls his audiences in and makes it a highly voyeuristic and intimate affair.

Our ImageOut There! Series brings you the type of film that rarely gets made in politically correct Hollywood, and is definitely not coming to your neighborhood multiplex anytime soon. Antonio’s Secret confronts the taboo topic of incest head on while giving an authentic portrait of middle-class life in Manila, far from the squalor of urban squatters typical of Filipino films with international distribution. Be warned that this film contains nudity, sensitive mature themes, and one graphic scene of violence.

With the advent of digital filmmaking, Philippine Cinema is enjoying a boost from young and edgy filmmakers. ImageOut is proud to provide a forum for these undiscovered gems.

~ Michael Gamilla (Imageout, Rochester Lesbian and Gay Film Festival)


Anonymous said...

i've picked up some notable points from Image Out Festival's review of Antonio's :

INCESTUOUS : never heard of a gay incest. check legal definition.

CONFUSED : Antonio, twice an instigator of a sexual act is not naive of his "real" sexuality. maybe wacko, but definitely not confused.

DEPRAVED : Lex, are you trying to pull the wool over my eyes? 90Million Pinoys know what & where SEX is at age 13.

enough of Antonio's. next movie please.. and MORE POPCORN for me.

Straycat260 said...

corny naman ng anonymous na to..

Galing naman ng Antonio may international premiere na. Sana more pa.

jaybs said...

Just watched "Antonio's Secret" on DVD, and I was impressed by the casting and acting, thanks for the sub-titles, I just wish for the sake of an extra 10 minutes or so in "Behind the Scenes" as in other Filipino DVD's no subtitles why??

Lex Bonife said...

Sorry Jaybs,

I am the one to blame if the "Behind the Scenes" feature does not have subtitles.

I failed to translate it.