Tuesday, September 2, 2008

M2M Eyeball Video

I was given a complimentary, pre-MTRCB version of Queeriosity Video Project's "M2M Eyeball", a sexy vignette of different forms of hook ups among urban gay men.

The pure intention of this video is to "excite" the senses of its targeted gay audience. But the actors were given characterizations to represent different Filipino gay men.

Watching this video as well as all the other films of its director, Crisaldo Pablo (the same filmmaker of gay cult films Duda and Bathhouse), I can infer that Pablo is drawn to illustrate characters who are vulnerable, emotionally needy and psychologically fractured. His characters are drawn to sex. And are seriously pursuing meaning in every sexual encounter.

And I must admit such characterizations are realistic. Gay sexual acts are certainly not accepted by the mainstream public (in the Philippines). And men who engage in such would usually carry a burden of guilt. Perhaps, craving for meaning within these sexual encounters may be a good way to ease such guilt.

And aside from this observation, I guiltily admit that some men in this video gave me a hot Saturday morning.

M2M Eyeball is available in leading video stores nationwide. But if you prefer the private copy (just like what I have), you may call (632) 9720474 or (63920) 8619880 and inquire how you can have one.

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IckyG said...

Cris Pablo is great but I have to admit that M2M Eyeball sucks! In all departments... Sorry if I have to be rude... The concept of the video is ok but the implementation of the idea was very poorly executed... Having no budget is not an excuse not to be creative...