Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sir RM (Gay Pagsanjan Part 2)

Pagsanjan, photography by Lex Bonife

One of the people I have met in Pagsanjan is a friendly gay man in his late 30’s, let’s call him Sir RM, as the boatmen address him as “sir”. Sir RM comes from Manila but visits his weekend house in Pagsanjan often.

His nicely built house has a nice veranda by the river where you can see all the bancas across the river.

In his weekend house, lives one of his boyfriends, a native in Pagsanjan. His boyfriend’s wife and 12 year old son also stay in this house. The wife doesn’t mind if the owner of the house is also the lover of her husband. And the kid is just happy to have a very generous uncle visiting them every weekend.

Even with his peaceful family setup, Sir RM still plays around with the other boatmen of Pagsanjan. In fact, he and some of his gay friends from Manila rents out a nice, yellow house right across his own vacation house. And this yellow house serves as their “headquarters” for their sexual adventures with many local boys.

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Anonymous said...

MEMORIES, MEMORIES...foto could be a late morning or early afternoon scene at the Bombongan riverbank. beyond the rocks, are images of men, resting, joking or simply hanging-out. oh those young eyes, cruisy and conveying meaningful messages to the guys going by in bancas. later they will be waiting at the loading station...SIR, MY NAME IS JOSE, I AM 16 Y.O.