Sunday, September 28, 2008

Justin's Package

Justin De Leon was our second lead actor for Ang Lalake sa Parola (The Man in the Lighthouse). His sincere portrayal of a gay advertising copywriter who fell in love with a lighthouse caretaker earned him a nomination for best supporting actor (Enpress).

The film Parola was our first project together. I first saw him perform in an acting role in a Dulaang UP play by Floy Quintos. And I knew that this guy has some talent in him. So when we were looking for an actor for Parola, I recommended him to our director Joselito Altarejos.

In Parola, I realized Justin was a pro. Unlike other wannabe sexy actors that I have worked with, Justin is disciplined and was serious in his craft. He does his research and studies his script well. And when he's asked to take it off, he never has any qualms. He knows that his body is his asset in this business.

And what was more striking about him is his sincerity and honesty as a person. He was never ashamed of his humble beginnings -- working as an FX (a public utility vehicle) driver and his helping out in his family's carinderia (a small eatery). And he would honestly share many things that he has endured just to stay in show business.

For me, among his contemporaries in the now defunct Men of Provoq, Justin's got wit and some bits of wisdom. He's got talent and discipline. And for all these reasons, Justin is certainly a complete package.


choi said...

Justin is beautiful. Napakabait pa nya helping his family to get by. He has no pretensions too about his experiences with gays. He can act, he is good-looking, he is hot! He is indeed a complete package, figuratively speaking that is. Justin's package literally speaking, I have no idea. Maybe, Lex you can dwell on it with confidence. Hehehe!

Anonymous said... the word i was looking from your post on Justin. like fine wine, he has developed into vintage quality. from minute roles like extras, to super imposed role in Parola, he has proven himself worthy, capable of upcoming big assignments. MORE POWER TO HIM.