Thursday, September 11, 2008

Strip Bar: Planet Xanadu

Last night, I and some gay friends from New York City, went to Caloocan city to visit Planet Xanadu, a strip bar quietly tucked in one of the streets near Monumento.

The bar is cleaner than most of the strip bars that I have ever been to. The performing boys are on the flabby side. And that's perfectly fine for me as I don't go for the four percent body fat type. Several of these boys are quite good looking. And almost all of them know how to work their way onstage.

We didn't ask anyone to join us on a table. My friends were a couple. And I was with my partner. But the rates, as my friends have observed are cheaper than those in the center of Metro Manila. (Php150 for entrance)

If you wanna visit Planet Xanadu, you may call (632) 3624756 for details


Anonymous said...

Hi Lex! any comments about the new xanadu in quezon city?

Anonymous said...

Does Gio Gapas still dance here? Is he a regular in this gaybar?