Thursday, September 4, 2008

A Gem of a Giselle

(This writer with Giselle Sanchez, at the back is Marco Alcaraz clowning around)

One of the most intelligent and fun celebrities I had the opportunity to work with is Giselle Sanchez. We worked together in a forgettable morning show I used to write for QTV a few years back. She was one of our hosts.

Before meeting her, I was never a fan of hers. I thought she was too loud as a person.

But when I started working with her, I realized I was working with one of the smartest celebrities in the industry. As you know, it is very rare to find celebrities with brains in Philippine entertainment. And she was one of them.

She knew her lines like a pro. But more importantly, she was one person you draw good insights on topics ranging from the human cock to politics. Her humor behind the camera is infectious and definitely sharper than her onscreen appearances.

To me, Giselle is a gem.


Christian Arman said...

i agree! giselle truly is a gem!


Anonymous said...

sarap kantutin ni giselle!!