Friday, September 5, 2008

"I Love Harry"

( Harry Laurel, in a cellphone photo in one of our pictorials last year)

There's a silly rumor circulating in the internet. Many of "lexuality" readers have been leaving messages in the chatbox and in my blog pages confirming if Harry and I are having a sexual relationship.
I don't know how this story originated. And allow me to clarify once and for all, I have not had any sexual relationship with Harry Laurel. (period). I never had any tryst with him in Hongkong and not even in Macau.
And ever since he changed numbers, I am no longer in touch with him.
Here's one of the emails I got from a certain "John X", who is the one who professes his love for Harry.
Hi Lex

What a BLOG Page! Thanks

I have just finished watching "Ang Lalake sa Parola (The Man in the Lighthouse)" and found it superb, the performance by Harry Laurel (Chua) was just moving.

Now I want to find out more about Harry and that is how I found You by Google, I see he has been covered on the front page of a July magazine, I have just got to find a copy.

To be able to find someone like Mateo (Harry) would be a dream come true, someone so genuine and down to earth.

Thanks for a great website Lex.

Regards John x
Hi John,
Thanks for this email. Harry is in the latest issues of Frontman magazine as well as the latest Climax 2. Enjoy his full glory :)


Anonymous said...

it's decent of you to have clarified such trophied rumor. with your standing you could have taken advantage of this gossip and be the envy of many. but you didn't and for that I admire you. harry is lucky to be the lust of many but I'm sure it is not something he desires. I hope I get the chance to meet you in person when I'm in Manila. It will be my delight and pleasure.

DJ Jomel said...

Hi Lex I have some news about Harry, actually I met him at IFC, it turned out that he has a boyfriend here who is an architect, they lived at Lamma Island until last month when Bong and Harry argued about money. They decided to call it quits. Harry is overweight now. Bong over indulged him with good food and alcohol and Harry didn't go to the gym and watched his weight. Last I heard he is back in Bicol with his wife training to be a seaman..