Wednesday, September 3, 2008

"Koverboyz" Video

If M2M Eyeball video, provided an honest characterization to its sex objects, "Koverboyz" on the other hand is a humorous attempt to visualize the gay man's sexual fantasies.

"Koverboyz" markets its sex objects as our "jologs" fantasies. In the Philippines, "jologs" is a colloquial term which refers for any quality associated with the lower socioeconomic status.

So, if you want your boys to be raw, hard and rough in the pinoy jologs mold, "Koverboyz" could make you really happy.

"Koverboyz" is available at leading video stores nationwide. If you want your private and uncut copy, you can call (632)9720474 or 63920-8619880 for inquiries.


Christian Arman said...

hi lex! is this video for real? of legal age na ba ung mga bata sa video? hehehe

alizsa said...

anong makikita sa uncut version na wala sa rated copy, mas marami bang frontal shots?

R said...

hi lex, may frontal scenes ba dito?? mga magkano kaya ito? thanks

Keith said...

Does anyone know where/how I could get this in the US? For that matter, I'd also love to see your films, Lex. How can I get them? (My, I have a lot of questions today!)