Monday, September 22, 2008

A Cab Driver's Sex Life

A while ago, I took a cab going to Makati. The cab was a bit old, air conditioner was barely breathing, tacky curtains hang by the passenger's window but the here's the good thing, it's driver was quite hot. He was tall, dark, well built and with very nice features from the profile view of his face.

Let's call him Jim, a 24 year old cabbie from Caloocan city. He has been driving a cab for almost a year and used to work as a waiter for a popular bar joint. For him taxi work is much better than his former job. As a waiter, he recalls earning just about Php3700 (about USD80) in two weeks and getting a lot of deductions from nasty customers who don't pay their bills.

I took the opportunity to talk to him and probe on the "interesting side" of being a good looking cab driver. He quickly admitted that during the wee hours he becomes a personal service to many passengers who fancy his "hunkiness" -- women and gays included. He told me how he services a woman who works as a "Guest Relations Officer" (GRO) at a strip joint in Timog, Quezon city who asks to be serviced in bed as well aside from her regular trasnportation needs. He proudly admitted how he services four gay men regularly, mostly working for the "call center" industry. He would pick them up in their individual offices, go straight to a bar for some drinks, and after a beer or two, he recalls how he gets wild in bed with these lucky men.

Jim shares how he enjoys the company of his queer patrons. They are nice, thoughtful and generous. And in many instances he finds himself enjoying their companionship better than some of those women he dates. who are "possessive and are always in a hurry to get married" after a few months of going out together.

(Just for the record, we did not have sex. And I did not get his contact number as well )


dalyguy69 said...

Even if you have sex, it's none of our business di ba. Thanks for sharing. I would like to meet you when I go back home to visit. Wala kasi akong gay friends pag umuuwi ako. I'm Jerome by the way.

dalyguy69 said...

i would like to meet you when I go back home. Wala kasi akong gay friends dyan. I enjoy your blog btw. Jerome

Lex Bonife said...

Thanks Jerome,

Just email me when you get here in Manila :)

dalyguy69 said...

I will get in touch.

IckyG said...

hahaha! wala talagang number? j/k! dami nga hot cab drivers... dapat kung may sg-lover may cd-lover din! may kilala akong ganoon pero girl hindi gay... i used to share a condo with her in makati... mahilig cya sa cab drivers! :-D ano next film mo lex? panood ako sa premiere ha? ty!