Friday, September 12, 2008

Hilom: All Male Spa

As my part of my commitment to my gay friends from NYC in showing them the queer lifestyle in Manila, I brought them to Hilom, an "all male spa" in the Roces area of Quezon City right beside the bar, Moomba.

I have been to several other "male massage parlors" in the metro, and we all agree that "Hilom" is a class of its own. It's a well designed place not to mention clean and very comfortable.

Many of their massuers are quite attractive. And the way the receptionist handled us was quite professional (the receptionist was named Gardo, and he looks very much like the actor Gardo Versoza)

Too bad, the place was fully booked and it cannot accomodate all four of us for Saturday night. And the downside of the place as my friend noticed, they don't have wet floors (sauna, steam or tub) even if they call the place a "spa"

The rates for their massage services are a bit higher than your usual sleazy male massage parlor. But I'm sure it's worth it. It's one place where your gay visitors from abroad would not feel uncomfortable visiting.


Anonymous said...

If you want to be jerked off the boys at Hilom are very cute.
But do not expect a SPA experience as it is
noisy, loud music, very cramped uncomfortable cubicles and an average massage at high rate (400-500+minimum obligatory tip 300 for the boy)

Anonymous said...

I visited Hilom last dec. 2012 and I was disappointed at the service. The receptionist suggested that I avail of the body scrub with massage which was P900. I felt like having just powdered with some salt and then asked to take a shower. the massage that followed was not very satisfying because of an hour, the masseur told me to turn face up and to asked me if I wanted an extra service.

Curious about the es, I agreed but the masseur demanded a fee of 3k! I found the fee so exorbitant so he lowered it to 2k.

It was some hurried rubdown I got. I cannot anymore remember any sensual experience at all except the bad massage, rough towel, noisy place. Very unlike the Bayleaf experience... at only P800, I got great sensual experience and great massage.