Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Bacardi Boys

In the Pride March of 2008 in Malate, I was amused by a large group of young gay men, all in black. They called themselves the Bacardi Boys. This group of teenagers and early “twentysomethings” met at the popular gay website in the Philippines, guys4men.com and have been meeting regularly at a coffee shop in Araneta Center, Cubao every weekends.

Aside from their weekly hangouts, the group also does social works like feeding some poor children in a charity institution. (just like beauty queens!)


Anonymous said...

WHAT IS SO AMUSING seeing a large group of young gay men wearing black?. it beats me and pondering cold why Lex would be so amused... on the other hand, if i were there and learn about their good deed, i would personally approach the group and voice out my praise and salutation for the generous act of charity the group is doing at such a greenhorn age.


Anonymous said...

hooray for the Bacardi Boys! yeah, we actually do more than what is expected out of teenaged and twenty-something gays. but we don't see the need to toot our horn about it.

we're just happy being who we are.

our official name is actually OneBacardi. Check out onebacardi.multiply.com, though we haven't gotten around to dusting up our Multiply site yet. =)