Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Meet the Anti-Gays!

(Lex posing with the protesters)

At the Pride March 2008, It was my first time to see a demonstration against the LGBT lifestyle proclaiming "Gays are condemned to hell"
(Some of the protesters against gays. A reliable friend of mine told me that these ladies are just paid to join their protests)

It was lead by a white man who claims to be a preacher with his some other foreigners and a few peasant supporters. I remember one black man, pretending to vomit when we started our parade. One of the white man's shirt read "(GAY) Got AIDS Yet?" They were yelling at us to repent as gay life and all its permutations are bound for eternal damnation.

(Some lesbian demonstrators flocked the preacher and posed with them to mock their very existence)

At first, there was silence betweeen the gays gathering and the protesters. But the silly me, began to create a commotion when I started posing in front of these protesters to the delight of the media. This started a shouting match among some gay men and the protesters.

What a scene!

And I just remember yelling at the preacher, "I will repent, if you show me your God!"


line of flight said...

I recall once being in guerrilla theater costume at an anti-U.S. military protest at a resort hotel Bush Jr. was supposed to be attending. I decided to stand with the pro-Bush people and chant ambiguous slogans that sounded similar to theirs but were actually the opposite. It took them quite a while to figure out I was mocking them. Nothing like a little Culture Jamming to spice up things up.

Thanks for the picture with the paid protesters, the lady fighting not to smile that you are standing next to sums the whole scene up.

Christian Arman said...

i applaud you for what you did, Lex...