Monday, December 15, 2008

Boys of Bora

Another eye ctaching float from the Pride March 2008 is the group representing the "Boys of Bora Spa". They were a group of hot looking masseurs with some sexy trannies.

They were the only "massage parlor" among several establishments offering the same service for gay men who openly supported this important event.

The "Boys of Bora Spa" is located by the corner of Kamias st. and Sikatuna, Quezon City. You may also visit their website. Or call them at (632) 4330158 for inquiruies.

Having met these boys in person, I can't wait to have my massage from them!


astrodeus said...

sorry, lex... but i had had a bad experience from that establishment...

ibrahim said...

boys of bora has been raid by imbestigador as featured in there episode 26 february...kawawa naman tyo!