Thursday, December 18, 2008

Golden Gays

Last Pride March 2008, I had a memorable conversation with gay icon and public servant, Pasay city councilor Justo Justo.
He told me about the many colorful lives of elderly gay men being supported by his foundation "Golden Gays". This facility houses poor gay men who could barely support themselves financially. And also serves as a support group for many other gay men living within the city.
Now, I have to admit I'm an irresponsible blogger-journalist. Mr. Justo gave me the contact number of "Golden Gays" just in case some of you might be interested to support our fellow gay men. But I lost the paper where I wrote his number.
I will post their number as soon as possible.


line of flight said...

lex -- please do provide contact info for people that would like to contribute to them.

Anonymous said...

J J is that you? O memories, memories...i was a so young boy when i started reading Justo Justo's gossip columns. this was way back pre-marcos martial law days. shortly my family moved to america and lost track of Mr. Justo (and i discovered the National Enquirer, Star, Globe). he was a funny man, always had something new to say...todate, i am still the same - BUZZ COLUMN FAN....hail to you Mr. Justo.