Thursday, December 11, 2008

That Gay DJ

For the past few months, I have been noticing many cab drivers tuning to Mr. Fu of Energy FM. Now, what makes Mr. Fu unique on the FM platform is he is openly gay. And to my recollection, he is the only openly gay man on FM that many straight men listen to (particularly taxi drivers)

He flirts with his men callers. He blurts out "gay lingos". And he's proud of he's sexual role and preferences.

Mr. Fu's real name is Jeffrey Espiritu and he's a proud alumnus from UST.

You see, we have many gay radio personalities. But back then, they were all famous for showbiz and celebrity gossips (Tita Swarding, Ogie Diaz, etc.). And I don't see many taxi drivers tuning in to their programs.

In this perspectiove, Mr. Fu has definitely made a significant contribution in the advancement of the image of the gay men in this society bondaged by Christian prejudices against gay men.

As Mr. Fu often blurts out "May Ganoon?"

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Anonymous said...

Mojo Jojo of Magic 89.9 is openly gay as well... Mr Fu's not the only one, though he maybe more loud...