Sunday, December 21, 2008

Club Bath

Celebrating my first few days as a single gay man, I decided to visit again Club Bath, the iconic bath house right beside the Pasay City Hall.

The place is still very clean. The interiors, particularly the Christmas decors were quite delightful. And the bathroom at the second floor was very impressive. There were several foreign guests that night making me think, Club Bath is actually Manila's "Towel Club" (a popular bath house in Hongkong and Singapore).

And did I say there were a lot of men in there waiting to give you some delightful evening? But I'm not telling anything. As the poster inside the club says, "The Thrill is in the Silence"


Anonymous said...


i) warm winter refuge
ii) cleanliness station
iii) temp transient abode
iv) spartan health club (some)
v) convivial atmosphere
vi)convenient hiding cove
vii tension/stress aspirin
viii) sexual releaser

the list could go on and on. it is a legit business and proven historical cultural institution(ask Bette Midler). we must throw our support by patronizing them, in order to immortalize its existence for the next generation.

DJ Jomel said...

Mama used to go there way back in the 80's, I found my ex boyfriend there. When are u coming back to HKG? Nasa Macau na sina John Ron Tanada nag work sa isang bar. Anyway hope to see you again....