Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Gay Man's Beauty

On the gay dating scene, I have always wondered why there is so much focus on youth and beauty?

Gay Men sharing the same evolutionary traits with straight men are primarily visual when choosing their mates. Of course, there's no need to elaborate how straight men crave for big boobs, curvy shapes, clear skin, etc.

So put two men in a dating scene, then the emphasis for visual attraction doubles up.

It's just sad how these "visual factors" eclipses other important dating matters -- shared interests, sensible talk and other stuff that seems to be boring to so many young gay men I know.


Anonymous said...

CALLING Drs. Calayan and Belo for comments on this post. excuse natin si Vicky medyo under the weather siya because of Hayden's sudden ungraceful exit.

OMG...you haven't seen nothing yet. with the advent of the plasma and the full HDTV, the more there will be a demand to be aestetically "beautiful" if not picture perfect...can i invest on Belo or Calayan's stocks?

MY DRIFT : if you don't have the beauty, then MONEY will be your saving glory. start saving now for the coming glum dry season. remember, life expectancy for male is 75. that's a long, long time to be poor and miserable.

HAVE A MERRY CHRISTMAS LEX...or shall i be politically correct...HAPPY HOLIDAYS.

line of flight said...

it either doubles or zeros.