Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Extortionist Rent Boys

Many cases among gay men have been reported about rent boys ("call boys" as they are more popularly known in Manila) extort money from clients. They usually force the gay man to cough up thousands of pesos which is way a lot higher than what their real worth is after having performed the sexual service.

Most of these abusive rent boys would threaten gay men with a report to the local authorities. The ignorant gay men being afraid to be publicly exposed from such an act would rather give in to the financial demand of the "call boy/ kolboy"

Their first weapon against us is the threat of a "public shame" of being exposed as a gay man.

Here's what to do: communicate to this extortionist that everyone else in this world know that you are a gay man, and there is now way that you can be scandalized with such an issue. (on the other hand, if you are a discreet gay man, and is terribly afraid to be exposed for such, then you are just the perfect victim he has been looking for)

Their second threat usually involves calling the authorities and filing a case against you.

Here's what to say: What case? Having sex with an adult man who is obviously never forced into such an act is never a criminal case in our laws. Prostitution, on the other hand is illegal. You being a prostitute, forcing me to pay such an amount may be charged for such an act instead.

It's always safe to know our rights as gay men.


Anonymous said...

the third threat is that he actually is only 17 and a minor. as such, he will claim to press charges on you of pedophilia unless you give him an exorbitant amount of cash.

to handle this situation, tell him that if push comes to shove both of you will be charged by the police. you (being a foreign national) at most will be deported. however, him being a local will be charged with prostitution and when convicted, be thrown and rot at city jail.


line of flight said...

in addition to prostitution being a crime, revealing the secrets of a kolboy's employer is a separate crime -- and its an aggravated crime if there is extortion involved.

line of flight said...

why anonymous thinks that your advice has anything to do with foreign nationals is beyond me. did he read the blog?

also, foreign nationals are not generally deported when they are convicted of these crimes. they are put in prison then deported.

Anonymous said...

THINK GLOBALLY when you enter the idea is that this blog is written to outreach global audience and not just confined to the 3 corners of Pinas. i read Lex post fully (time permitting) and make comments: first, on the context of a global on-line blogger, secondly, as part of a plethora of foreign nationals who regularly log in.

yes its true you will be in jail for (a few maybe) days before an exclusion order be made against you or your foreign post makes a plea for you. but most definitely not "ROT" in jail as your local kolboy might.