Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Friends with HIV/ AIDS

December 1 is World Aids Day. And in today's post, I would like to give honor to all the people I have met who are "pusit" (the colloquial term for HIV positive individual).

The status of Filipinos with HIV/ AIDS have changed tremendously. From ignorant and dark ages of the 80's, to the sensationalized cases of the 90's up to hopeful new century, the lives of Filipinos with HIV/ AIDS have become much better.

One of my good friends whose immune system just collapsed and was confined at San Lazaro Hospital for about two months was given proper support by the hospital. He was surprised to learn that he barely has to pay for his bills.

But despite of the government support and the information drive, it is sad that I still meet many young gay men who are oblivious to the threat of HIV/ AIDS. Bareback orgies still exist among them.

To all my friends afflicted with HIV/ AIDS. I am with you. Living one day at a time, makes life much sweeter.

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Anonymous said...

PUSIT? the Filipino colloquial term for people HIV+...pusit is not the most beautiful creature created by God, but are known to be faithful and grieves the lost of a partner (very human quality). last few days, i've been wringing my memory box and asking, "why HIV+ be called pusit."...in my opinion, the name-brand is immature and shows a total lack of compassion.