Friday, December 5, 2008

Sex Club Question

When one hooks up inside a sex club (bath house, blue bar), and you decide to make a chit chat with your conquest, one of the most common questions that will be surely asked is "Lagi ka Dito?" (Do you frequent this place?)

If you say yes, you risk being judged by the other person as a sex-crazed freak (Read: high risk for STD) and not a good date material. If you say no, the other person could accuse you of lying just to come up with a good image of oneself (read: echosera!)

And everytime I get this question, my answer is: "hindi! paminsan-minsan lang. mga every other day lang" (No, I don't. I just come here every other day).

This paradoxical answer usually illicits a smile from the other person making him not pursue this very tricky question anymore.

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line of flight said...

I think there is another trick involved in this scenerio. Especially with married guys who frequent these places. What is the motivation behind someone wholly unavailable (other than for casual sex) seeking intimacy of this nature at this place? On the other hand, lying just to come up with a good image of oneself in a place where your physical image is really the only requirement indicates that the person concerned with appearing as a liar is at a sex club for reasons other than sex.

In other words, sounds like lots of complexity and suffering.