Sunday, November 30, 2008


Yul Servo stars in Dose

Debuting director and acclaimed screenwriter Senedy Que's film "Dose" will be shown at Robinsons Galleria this coming week.

Dose is about the unlikely friendship that develops between a curious 12-year-old boy (Edy, an unloved child played by Fritz Chavez) and a lonely gardener (Danny, played by Yul Servo), where the line that defines love and abuse blurs, resulting in a touching, yet disturbing, relationship that defies age and gender.

Playing the grown-up Edy is Emilio Garcia who is 40, a filmmaker. Ray An Dulay is Bobby, Edy’s current boyfriend. Irma Adlawan is Helen, the aunt that takes care of Edy. Arlene Tolibas is Pilay, the maid. Alessandra de Rossi has a special participation.

Screening schedule at Robinsons Galleria is Dec 3, 7pm; Dec 4, 2pm; Dec 5, 10pm; Dec 6, 830pm

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