Monday, October 6, 2008

Gay Experiences

I am being offered to do a very interesting project that requires me to look back at all my sexual experiences as a gay man.

And from the deepest recesses of my mind, for the past two days I had been trying to recall all the sexual adventures that I have undergone from the dark and dingy movie houses in the decaying parts of the city, to the cold fresh air of UP Diliman and Quezon City Circle, to the noisy and smoke-filled bars of Malate, the dark bath houses all around the metro to the Pornographic shops of New York city to the endless connections and meet up via the internet, I must say I have gone through a lot. And I have a wealthy collection of memories as a gay man.

And I'm just happy to be able to share them to others of my same preference in lifestyle. I will announce this video project very soon once I have finished it.

PS With this weatlh of experiences, I have made sure to have my HIV status checked. I'm negative. So far...


Anonymous said...

QUESTION, LEX? have you read John Rechy's "City of Night". it is a class primer of gaylife way back in the 60s but still holds true to the present. if not, dig your nails through its pages and have a backwards roller-coaster ride in history.

Lex Bonife said...

Thank you for this recommendation. I appreciate it. I will try to get a copy of this book.