Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Masseur in Briefs (Part 1)

Last night, I met with one of my producers and he was asking about the development of the film that he would like me to write about. And I honestly told him, that my brain hasn't been functioning for quite a time and I still can't come up with a story concept for his new talent.

Having said this, he immediately asked me to come with him, get into his car and he promised to give me an inspiration.

And voila, we parked in one of the ever reliable massage parlors in Retiro, Quezon city called "Magic". He told me to choose the guy that I fancy and he'll pay for all the expenses.

How was I to turn it down? I haven't been to a "male massage parlor" for about half a decade. And I have always thought that a thousand bucks payment for a "special service" after a lousy massage is just too pricey for me.

The owner of the center warmly greeted us. And a simple carinderia was parked right beside the entrance of the apartment unit turned into a massage center. I was ushered to pick my masseut for the evening.

Having done about three hourse of yoga for that day, my body ached for a good massage more than a man's body on top of me. So instead of choosing the guy that I really liked, I asked for the owner's recommendation on who among the guys gave the best massage.

And he recommended a guy, called "Ariel" who wasn't exactly my type. But don't get me wrong. Ariel is attractive looking exactly like the actor Paolo Rivero. He looked clean and very decent.

The cubicles inside the "Magic" were cleaner and a lot better than I expeccted it to be. Ariel led me to our cubicle and he gave me my towel. After taking a shower, I told him clearly that the massage service was more important to me than the special service that most clients are after. So he had to be really good in it.

From the mirror in front of my bed, I saw Ariel strip into his white bikini briefs showing a young, nice body. And he proceeded to touch squeeze my feet with his firm hands.

To be continued...

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Anonymous said...

IS THAT YOU LEX? seems like i am reading someone else's writing. first, i thought your desktop space bar crashed. now, i am picking up some simple grammtical mistakes that i know the real Lex would not make. are you okay or it is just a blue period you are undergoing? Ahhh! maybe it's the long rainy season. PAGASA please help.