Friday, October 3, 2008

Sex for Pay?

A talent manager whose new talent appears in a primetime show was banned from the set of this show. Melo (not his real name), the talent manager was accused of asking one of the new male talents of the show if he is game for sex for pay.

I talked to Melo and he confirmed to me that he actually asked if Arthur (again, not the real name), the new young talent is game for a paid sexual service. Melo claimed that Arthur's manager himself confirmed that Arthur is game for such kind of deals. Melo simply asked Arthur inside the rest room if he would go for this deal with him. According to Melo's story, Arthur declined because the boy was quoting a high price that Melo can't afford.

After the incident, Arthur told their Executive Producer about what happened. And the management decided to ban the talent manager from showing up on the set.

I have been thinking. Was it really fair for the management to ban him just because he asked the talent for such kind of service? In the issue hurled against Melo, the talent was never forced. It was clear that there was no forceful act that was done against the talent. He was just queried for his asking price.

What do you think? Was the management fair in making such decision?


john said...

for me its not fair why? because a talent manager did not corece that person. its just an option for him. knowing that it almost got a perfect instinc that most of the guy are ready to have sex with the payment. dont pretend, come on that you, your looking for a money

Anonymous said...


MAMA always said, "as long as you are under my roof, you follow all the rules or else you get shut in your room, no TV, no internet".

Management could impose 1 of 1001 reasons to ban Melo from its premises and Melo is out the door.
Why it's their house!

This issue could have been resolved amicably by a fair warning to Melo.

Business and culture does not mix.
we should always be in control of our life and actions.


Anonymous said...

It's fair! Although he was not forced, the opportunity was there. The Management just want to preserve the new talent and is protecting him from OPPORTUNITIES to do bad things...

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