Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Gay Relationship Lessons

It has been more than a year since I have been going out with this very special man in my life. And surprisingly, our relationship has been placidly loving, despite all my unnecessary internal dramas.
My partner is a very discreet gay man, more mature than I am and a respected business executive. It's quite a surprise that he doesn't mind being in a relationship with someone as loud as I am, working on gay movies and always shouting for gay rights and advocacy. Despite our major differences, we've managed to be peacefully together for more than a year now.

Looking back on this relationship that I am currently in, there are a few lessons that I wold like to share.

1. Your boyfriend would not always want to have sex with you. That certainly doesn't mean he loves you less. A strong relationship must be founded on friendship before sexual attraction.

2. Many other men would flirt with your boy friend (especially if he goes to Fitness First), If you don't want that to happen, get an uglier boyfriend.

3. Wait. Learn the art of patiently waiting. Loving requires patience. Things don't happen on our own time. Every relationship has its unique, own rhythm.

4. Be honest. Whatever mistake, whatever feelings or uncertainties that you have regarding your relationship. Bring the issue out. Your boyfriend should never expect you to be perfect. An act of honesty would always build trust between partners.


Christian Arman said...

this is very enlightening...

thanks for sharing lex and good luck with your relationship!

Anonymous said...

in a relationship, THE FIRST YEAR IS THE HARDEST (literally) HURDLE TO CROSS...but once over, smooth sailing throughout.

my only advise to Lex, retain and consult frequently with a lawyer whose expertise would include gay partnership. more so if you are cohabitating.

best of luck to the coming next anniversaries.