Friday, October 31, 2008

The Underaged Boy

Here's an interesting post from an anoynymous Lexuality reader:

"last winter vacation at Malate my boytoy-escort introduced me to his regular cigarette vendor. a lad of 16, tall, dark and not bad looking at all (with surprise, surprise - good teeth). he claims to be poor (aren't they all), out of school at present and a Muslim (which doesn't matter a bit to me). everytime he sees me at night he would wave to say hello and if i'm alone would come for a small nonsense chat while i indulge in cold SanMig. i would give hime some peso bills (as i don't smoke to buy his cigarettes) and he would really, really be appreciative.
i've gone fondness for the boy but still find strength to control my urges as he is a minor. one day he asked me, "Sir, how old do you have to be a callboy." my reply "I don't know, different countries have different laws." on my return to my home-base country, i checked our legal library and found out the answer. sorry, my elfin you still have to wait 2 years."

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