Sunday, October 19, 2008


Hot Filipino gay book author of "Brusko Pink" and gym freak Louie Cano has just released another compilation of chronicles, essays and sharp observations on the urban gay life of Filipinos.

Louie Cano, in his own words: “File me under Muscle Mary, schizo, or just plain bitch. When sh*t happens, my middle finger rises to the occasion; when romantic anguish eats me up, I take a little mush suicide and seek company with Julia Fordham; when I'm happy I sweat off glitter. I live my life to the fullest—I dance bare top on the ledge, I sing my lungs out, I sanitize my life with my sarcasm diet (I don’t eat pork, I just love men!), I advocate monogamy, I recommend intellectual intercourse, and I promote, uhm, world peace.” Louie Cano is also the author of Brusko Pink, King Kong Barbies & Other Queer Files and Baklese. Baklese Dos is coming out December 2008.

"Masculadoll" is now available at Powerbooks and National Bookstore


Anonymous said...

now this is "fine reading" for me. one that will amuse, fill me and simply take my time browsing page after page (and who knows maybe wanting for more)...definitely will curl up reading this book on this coming long, cold, dready winter.

Lex, poems are out. they are sooooo Victorian.

louie said...

heya Lex,

Lotsa thanks for this.

L o u i e

Christian Arman said...

will check this out...hmmmm...