Friday, October 24, 2008

Lights, Camera, Strip!

I have just seen an independent film blatantly portraying gay filmmakers as sexual predators to their male actors. And to my experience, I must say that this representation is quite inaccurate.

I have done three films with actors being required to go naked and one thing that I have learned is, if a filmmaker wants his actor to trust him, sex and flirtations must be avoided at all cost.

Film production with very low budget just like our films require absolute discipline from our actors. They have to be on time. We need to finish about 30 scenes in one day. They need to know their lines by heart. We cannot afford actors making mistakes on the set. As it will be a waste of time.

Given these limitations, it will be detrimental to our film production if we even think of flirting with our lead actors like Harry Laurel, Josh Ivan Morales, Justin De Leon and Johnron Tanada. Film production is quite stressful even to our actors. We are all forced to live and work with very limited resources. And sexual tensions and its permutations would simply hamper the whole process.

Flirting with actors during production is a big "no-no" for us. As it affects our craft and could lead to unexpected conflicts that would affect the whole process of making the film.

But of course, flirting with actors, after the film production, that's a different story.

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thebaklareview said...

are you talking about the film "binyag"? if you are, then i agree with you. the exploitation of the actor was a sour part of the film.