Saturday, October 11, 2008

SEB: Cyber Game of Love

Here's an open letter from digital movie pioneer Crisaldo Pablo:

If you noticed these past few weeks, there were lesser and lesser locally produced commercial movies being shown in theaters. This October 15, there will be no commercial Filipino movie that will be shown in a wider scale (like 5 cinemas simultaneously) in Metro Manila, EXCEPT FOR OUR INDEPENDENTLY PRODUCED DIGITAL VIDEO MOVIE "SEB: CYBER GAME OF LOVE" starring the Julia Clarete, Tj Trinidad, Justin De Leon, Marc Cortez and Rayan Dulay with the student graduates of the SISW Acting Workshop 2007.

"SEB: Cyber Game of Love" will be showing in SM Cinemas on October 15, Wednesday and for sure, just like all other "wholesome" indie movies, if in case the ticket sales gets only thirty or less audience, then it will be the last day for the said movie on opening day."SEB" is the story of four couples who met through the internet. Funny, sad, bitter sweet and poignant are the four situations that reflect how the Filipino romantic has adapted to the world wide web.

We do no have the budget to compete for publicity with other Hollywood and other imported movies so we need your support, to fight for the Filipino cinema.

Please on October 15, Wednesday, see our movie "SEB: Cyber Game of Love" and appreciate this product from the collective of students from the most prestigious universities who joined forces during the SISW Production and Acting Workshop by Sinehan Digitales.The movie was applauded during its premiere at the Cinemalaya 2008 festival.

We need your help.

Ipaglaban naman natin ang ating pelikula, ang sarilin atin!


- Crisaldo Pablo, filmmaker

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