Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Masseur in Briefs (Part 2)

I must say, Ariel's massage was awesome. He had a good pressure technique on my feet and my legs. He actually concentrated on his technique that he didn't bother touching me on the areas that could stimulate me sexually. His back massage was soothingly effective and his work on my arms was good as well.

When he asked me to lie down on my back he brought my hand right by his tummy. And I noticed his young body frame and the bulge right on his crotch. My eyes was soon fixated on his body. And my initial plan not to have any sexual contact with this guy soon faded away from my consciousness. My body was relaxed and here was a good looking guy almost naked and ready for some action.

What was I to do? I gently opened his package. And silently thanked God for this big, wonderful gift slowly growing in my mouth!

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