Thursday, October 23, 2008

Man's Pleasure Spot

I am sharing with you an email I have received from the yahoo group KNYG. This email from a certain Ercelle Diaz enumerates the different pleasure spot of the male human body:

"1- Neck. If you don't know it yet, men love being touched, kissed and licked in this area, so chances are you'll enjoy it just as much as they do. The next time your man is on top in the bedroom and comes close to your face, elongate your neck and let him do his thing.

2- Hair & head. No, I'm not suggesting that he lick your hair, but having a man run his hands through your hair or squeeze his fingertips all along your scalp will help you relax and prepare for whatever else he wants to do to you.

3- Ears. Given that they're clean, having a man lick and nibble on your earlobes, or even doing something as simple as telling you some nasty things he wants to do to you, can have a lasting effect on your erection.

4- Perineum. Located between your scrotum and your anus, this area can provide plenty of fantastic sensations for you. The next time he's greeting your penis with his mouth and hands, encourage him to apply some pressure with his fingers and/or his tongue. You'll be surprised at how much you'll like it.

5- Nipples. Now, this is not for every guy. Some guys love to have their nipples manipulated; others can't stand it. The only way to find out is by letting a partner try it. Let him lick and perhaps suck them. Who knows, if he enjoys doing it to you that much, this might be your "in" to getting him to try it on another man next.

6- Fingers. If a man has ever sucked your fingers, you know that it almost feels like he's sucking your penis. The next time you're engaging in foreplay, stick your middle finger in his mouth and let him suck on it, and see what comes up.

7- Anus. Some guys get freaked out about their backsides, but if you just open your mind, you'll discover that that's where your G-spot is. Whether you let him lick the rim of your anus or place a finger inside and make a "come hither" motion, you'll discover that letting a man have his way in that area will make your sexual experiences that much better.

8- Back & coccyx. Sometimes lying on your stomach and letting your partner run his hands and tongue up and down your back is the best feeling in the world. From massaging you to giving you the chills by lightly running his tongue down the baby hairs on your back, submit to your man and let him enjoy rubbing your back and your tailbone.get to know yourselfThe only way to figure out what you like is by experimenting. So the next time you crawl into bed with a man, let him have his way for a little while, before you have your way with him."

Enjoy and explore!

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Anonymous said...

9. FORESKIN. you can abuse it, you can mutilate it 'til he screams with joy. but never, never insult it...why this topic belongs to that other horny blog where bloggers grunt of joy could be heard miles away. sorry Lex, i'm on the wrong channel. hand me the laptop remote please...I'M IN HEAT.