Monday, October 13, 2008

SEB at SM Cinema

SEB stands for "Sex Eyeball" for cyber chatters. On the other hand, SM Cinema, the biggest chain of movie houses in the Philippines for the past few years has banned R-18 movies, eventually killing sex in Philippine Cinema.

For this reason, it was a surprise for me that the Crisaldo Pablo's film "SEB: Cyber Games of Love" will be shown at SM Cinema.

"SEB: Cyber Games of Love" stars Julia Clarete, TJ Trinidad, Rayan Dulay, Justin De Leon amon others. And it will be shown starting October 15.

Here's the synopsis of the movie:

Set in present day Manila , some twenty-something guys and gals set uptheir eyeballs with people they just met on the world wide web. Whatare they looking for and who do they want to meet?Daryl, 20 and Jamie, 20, both strangers to each other, agree to meetup with a hot guy they met on the internet chat rooms for a good time.The guy claims he is a celebrity actor. The girls both want to date acelebrity. When the three finally meet in a coffee shop and sit down,the girls begin to compete for the guy's attention.

Menk, 22 and Dean, 26 finally agree to meet up after some fun exchangeof messages through mms. They both know how each other look like andreally enjoy each other's company. They even enjoy the same music.Both know that something really special has been brewing the pastmonths that they have been communicating. And today, something has tohappen. The special feeling has to be expressed and consummated. Butimmediately after they make love, one realizes everything is a falsealarm on love. How will the other take it when the partner realizes heis not in love anymore?

Khia, 25, knows she can not fulfill her duties her husband Mark. Theyhave not had sex for two years. Khia decides to look for possiblealternative partners for Mark on the internet. She finds an old loveof Mark's and asks the woman if she can do it with Mark, while Khia iswatching on the webcam. The woman questions her morals and Khiaexplains how much she loves him more than anything else and how shejust want him to be happy.

Nell, 29 and Andro, 25, found each other on the internet site for men wanting to date men. Unlike other gay men, the two have gone through so many relationships that they want this meeting to be different fromother chance encounters. They try to do away with sex on the firstmeeting. What happens is something a little more deeper and yetfunnier. As each one already knows what it is that they want fromencounters like this, they try to be extra cautious and more honest.However, can one really control love and libido?

Finally, as Marita, 34, closes her internet shop as she has done forten years now, a young man, Myles, 20, knocks on her door and asks herfor coffee. Actually, when Marita gives in, Myles asks for more thancoffee. He asks for her heart. How will Marita accept love if it comesin the package of a very young man fourteen years her junior? How doyou know the right one for you?Four situations, all about love and relationships, to give us aglimpse on how it is to be young and old, to love and break hearts, toconnect and to disconnect, in the golden age of communication technology.

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